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Anatomy is quite off here, pardon. ORZ

Rin made me remember about my nsfw doodle idea list and she mentioned how I still haven’t done any WHG 2 x Bestia art.

Well, this one is an nsfw of WHG2 wanting Bestia to use her however he pleases. >:3C

Gods, I made her nose too long. She looks older and sharper than what I aimed for, gah.

And the face is as the title says, wonky, haha.

Gonna go practice more and improve on those though.

Also for a cis woman, I suck at drawing vulvas. (I’m a disgrace haha) They’re quite complicated no matter how many times I’ve seen one. And its distance from the butthole is confusing. I can eyeball but I worry that the proportions are wrong, haha.

I didn’t seem to have put a butthole there come to think of it. Or rather it’s there but I forgot to put the details, lol.

I shouldn’t be too harsh on myself though. I barely draw NSFW stuff so I end up forgetting many details on the genitals and their distance to each other and how they look from different angles.

But it’s all about taking a refresher course on….drawing sexy stuff, haha. I just have to do art studies on those again.

It’s kind of a shame. I wanna draw lots of NSFW stuff. I could use my neglected nsfw twitter for it but I forgot the log in details because it’s been like, five years since I made it, lol. ( I made it as a reaction to tumblr banning all things nsfw )

And also, people who read my stuff know that I’m not a fan of twitter’s interface and I wanna put all my nsfw into a blog and not on a platform that is akin to twitter.

On one hand, I want many of my followers and people in general (adults not kids obviously) to see my nsfw art in a convenient and easy way. BUT On the other hand, I’m pretty protective with my nsfw art in a way that I don’t want it to be overexposed? Like, I don’t want the idea of it being retweeted or shared by anyone in their accounts because I get easily embarrassed and I just want them all in one small space.

My brain is so mushy gah. I need to sleep. It’s way past sleeping time and I’m feeling dizzy,


I wanted to de-rust and doodle anything for practice so I asked Rin what kind of pose I should draw fem! malik in (because I love drawing fem! malik since she’s so hot <333) and she gave me this sketch to base from.


I should really post more unfinished and rough artworks. It’s really therapeutic to be super loose and not give a fuck about perfectionism and mistakes. ^^

fem! angst

i ended up falling in love with fem! angstshipping and it’s Rin’s fault, lol.


They’re just so cute together >v<33333.

I should make some side story where they end up together haha. I love deathshipping ofc but angst is nice too.


So me and Rin were talking about fetishes and kinks and I told her how I’m fine with vanilla bdsm (mild). I’m not fond of the hardcore version, lol.

We ended up making it a topic of a comic strip revolving our OCs with the girl showing him BDSM sex videos. I can’t seem to draw super hardcore bdsm art, haha (so the art there is…mild bdsm ) but I wanted the male OC to point out how costly the bdsm set up and gear are especially the hardcore, dungeon-like ones. (Not to mention tying someone up in those positions looks so intricate for me haha)