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I wanted to de-rust and doodle anything for practice so I asked Rin what kind of pose I should draw fem! malik in (because I love drawing fem! malik since she’s so hot <333) and she gave me this sketch to base from.


I should really post more unfinished and rough artworks. It’s really therapeutic to be super loose and not give a fuck about perfectionism and mistakes. ^^

fem! angst

i ended up falling in love with fem! angstshipping and it’s Rin’s fault, lol.


They’re just so cute together >v<33333.

I should make some side story where they end up together haha. I love deathshipping ofc but angst is nice too.


So me and Rin were talking about fetishes and kinks and I told her how I’m fine with vanilla bdsm (mild). I’m not fond of the hardcore version, lol.

We ended up making it a topic of a comic strip revolving our OCs with the girl showing him BDSM sex videos. I can’t seem to draw super hardcore bdsm art, haha (so the art there is…mild bdsm ) but I wanted the male OC to point out how costly the bdsm set up and gear are especially the hardcore, dungeon-like ones. (Not to mention tying someone up in those positions looks so intricate for me haha)